They are everywhere

the fake masks

Shining with sparkle

Hiding the jerks.


It’s an art

It’s a skill

Just chill

And give it a thought.


Dive in

Enter the game

Have fun

It’s not insane.


Remember though

It’s just a game

Leave the shame

and play rough.


The mind agrees

The heart disagrees

I stand aside

Watching for a while.


Towards my heart

I am a bit partial

I know I will

Follow it at last.


Visualize it well!

Visualize it well
To reach the end
Not just as a winner
but, with glory as well.

Execution, yes, is an art
Which alone can
Brighten or cast down
Yet, untouched is the concept.

Make doodles
Spend hours
But be sure
To visualize.

Some may escape
And try to speed the pace
Leading to a victory
Hollow than the forfeit.