Don’t worry – Zoe Keating

It’s the kind of music that forces you to close your eyes and visualise the world it creates!!



Elephant_movie_posterThe film starts with fluid camera movements and long shots of high school students walking. We as audience are just following the students and encountering the moments as they go about in their daily life. This continued to the point that I thought, what a waste, the movie just looks good from posters! But then, the film raises curiosity as to why the director chose to do so. It continued on to show the same scene of this student walking through his high school building from 4-5 different students’ perspectives. All have the same fluid video treatment, which I just loved. Slowly through these repetitive scenes we start getting to know the characters of these students, their problems, their interests etc.

And then there are these two students who shoot and kill almost all students in the building. This part comes as a shock, just as it was for those students, and when I read about the film I realised it was based on a real incident. There was a kind of rhythm the director had build up in the movie and he destroys it at the end with that shock of massive killing. I definitely enjoyed the experience.

In the last scene, one of the killers is sitting in the cafeteria amongst the dead bodies of students and feeling the peace as opposed to what we have seen in the earlier scenes that the cafeteria is packed with students, and there are loud voices all around. Then, when the killers partners comes in enthusiastically and breaks the silence by proudly expressing his feelings, the first killer shoots him with horrific calm and sets down again to enjoy the peace! The peace he had earned!!

Challenging assumptions!

I got this brilliant book in the library, by Alan Fletcher – The art of looking sideways.
Its more than 1000 pages long, and filled with a variety of graphic design.
I came by this quote ‘Challenging Assumptions’ (an attribute of creativity given in the book) and thought of creating something based on this.

The image used as a texture in the background is not owned by me. Here is the path to the image:

Happened to watch an interview of A R Rahman, when asked how he unwinds from his work, here is what he said: There is no unwinding. Work itself is unwinding.

Love it!!!

Unwinding would perish if you love your work…
What a bliss if you do what you love!!


Stack (1975) Tony Cragg

A beautiful sculpture by Tony Cragg, a Turner prize winner. He has created such a pretty cube out of natural and man made material similar to geographical formation.
Conceptually, looks like he is trying to convey a message that this is what the geographical formation has changed to by years of deposition of waste.

Seeing this reminds me of an assignment in my college days, where we were asked to create a sculpture from metal waste. The assignment was fun and one of my favourite ones.

Spirited Away

I watched this movie and once again the world of fantasy lured me. What is more inviting than watching a fantasy film and getting to travel in a world full of magic, enchantments, and spirits? There is an inexplicable attraction for fantasy that I have. My friend asked me to watch this movie, a great film by Hayayo Miazaki and I was surprised by the way the story runs through with such a great speed that I thought the movie got over so soon. There was a series of bad films that I was viewing; I mean all that I expected to be good turned the other way round. And then I got to watch this movie, which was wonderful experience. As Miyazaki describes it; ‘it’s a film for 10 year olds and for adults who were once 10 year old’. The adventure of Chihiro, the scary little girl who accidently enters a world full of spirits is worth viewing.

John Raynes

I came across his book ‘The Complete Drawing Course’ from the library and found it quite intresting. He has explained some concepts so well. The edges of any object in the shadow side should be blurred, it shouldnt be sharp like that in light. We all know this but when somebody explains it, it kind of etches on your mind. I am sure this wont go off my mind now. 🙂

Will wite more about him as I progress through the book. But for now his book inspired me to keep up with the daily sketching resolution 🙂

Just o curiosity I checked his site and his work is wonderful. The watercolors are truly inspiring. Do check it.