Art, Artists and Art Lovers

Look at my latest photograph, isn’t that a beauty?

She squinted at the laptop. Sure enough! It reflected his love for nature, but the more she stared the more she could feel his command over his new digital camera and the photo editing tools. She couldn’t stop wondering how many filters he had applied to reach this.

“What were you thinking when you clicked this?” she blurted out.

“What do you mean what was I thinking, don’t you like it! I have got tons of likes on FB for this ma!”

“Yeah, but what was the thought behind it? There has to be something, What is it?”

He frowned. It’s weird to be a son of an artist he thought. Why can’t she just appreciate something that looks so good. Like at the time when I was in college. She appreciated my tiniest creation. Why not now.

Staring at his empty face for a while, she started thinking about the days, when after coming back from an ‘outdoor’ he would show her his sketches, those lines, wherein she could connect to his feeling about the landscape. Those compositions which he described in a flair, with such detail. The connection almost seemed to disappear now, and the sound discussions on art were long buried under the growing pile of hollow comments. The overall idea of having fun in creating a piece of art seemed to surrender under the pressure of gaining ever mounting likes in the virtual world.

Her thoughts melted with the sound – ding.
And, he had already started replying to the new comment he received.


They are everywhere

the fake masks

Shining with sparkle

Hiding the jerks.


It’s an art

It’s a skill

Just chill

And give it a thought.


Dive in

Enter the game

Have fun

It’s not insane.


Remember though

It’s just a game

Leave the shame

and play rough.


The mind agrees

The heart disagrees

I stand aside

Watching for a while.


Towards my heart

I am a bit partial

I know I will

Follow it at last.

Challenging assumptions!

I got this brilliant book in the library, by Alan Fletcher – The art of looking sideways.
Its more than 1000 pages long, and filled with a variety of graphic design.
I came by this quote ‘Challenging Assumptions’ (an attribute of creativity given in the book) and thought of creating something based on this.

The image used as a texture in the background is not owned by me. Here is the path to the image:

ll Shanti ll

ll Shanti ll

Beep beep…beep beep..her hand automatically pulled the source from beneath the pillow and pressed snooze making her sink into the pleasant darkness again. The mind has this amazing ability that it can make you do some things without really letting you know that you did it. After what seemed a second she could feel some kind of familiar sound. She couldn’t really concentrate coz her mind was completely ignoring it. But it was becoming louder and louder gradually and finally it penetrated her sleep. Today the mind was so tired it had not even created those amazing works of dreams to entertain her. She so loved to trace back to those pieces of creativeness that her own mind created when she was asleep and hated when sometimes it just decided not to come up with any idea. She switched the alarm off and thought what a great film it was, the perfect cinematography. I have to watch it again today. She was still pondering over the images from film when everything dissolved in the darkness and it was calm again. Unexpectedly her eyes opened with a start and she raced along her house as the bus would be there in no time. Tired from yesterdays late night research and information overload, that mind of hers was begging for some rest and peace now. She walked along the familiar road to the bus stop pondering over her yesterdays work. Oh come on it said I want to switch off for some time please. She breathed in the fresh morning air and could feel that yes peace is coming along my way now. She thought I have to finish that piece today itself; otherwise the pile is going to sum up. Tch Tch came a voice, could you stop please? Frowning she said Okay and boarded the bus. Sitting besides the window she could feel the tension thickening.

Suddenly she smiled and even it understood what she meant. Reaching for her bag she pulled out her Ipod; plugged in the headphones and selected the genius’s ‘Paper planes’ and closed her eyes thus closing the doors to this world and entering that magical peace. When she opened her eyes and got down, the mind winked at her and said – let’s go for it!

Show of glitz

I was just surfing the internet for some random art updates and stumbled upon the news of Anish Kapoor’s exhibition in Mumbai. I have always admired his work and it has been an inspiration for me. It was clear I had to visit this one. Since it is December, the weather in mumbai was also pretty good, which definitely added to my enthusiasm. Reaching outside the studio I saw the bus stop covered with the exhibitions blood red poster. And the excitement increased.

I entered the Mehboob studio and the first thing outside I saw was a huge flex in blood red, promoting the show. It seemed to underline the magnitude of the magnificent sculptures inside. Entering through a very small door, I saw the large hall with glittering steel sculptures placed around. It seemed as though I had entered in some different world which was alive with a glitz. Lots of white reflected back on me. Taking in this I entered the studio.

The first thing I saw was the S-curve. It reflected a magnified me, in an angle that made me look a bit leaner, and the background was all defocused. I loved that sight. Made me look as if I was seeing myself through a camera where the lens has focused on me. I walked across to the other end and found myself become smaller in the other end of the S-curve. It was an amazing transition in the center, where it looked as though I am entering into another world. The best part was that I could stand in front of it for a long time transfixed at it.

There were sculptures of this sort in stainless steel which reflected me, magnifying me, shrinking me, stretching me, and making me more involved in them. It was as though I was in some other world, and as though I was a part of the sculpture. There was one in which parts of me were duplicated in infinite numbers. And it was all glittering with reflecting and multiplying the lights in the studio. It was just so beautiful. I was standing in front of this one admiring it, when one of the gallery men came to me and said that the cannon is about to be fired. There was the cannon that shot pellets of crimson wax on the corner, creating an image and each time changing with the cannon being shot. Watching the cannon shoot; in fact I should not say watching; but experiencing the cannon shoot was a wonderful experience. I could see people around gathering with looks of interest and then without any signal, he pressed the lever, and with a loud bang the wax shot in the air and landed on the white wall with a thud leaving a part of the wall red. I remember everyone in the hall was as stunned as me, even the kids. For half a second everyone was staring blankly at the wall and then the expressions turned into smiles. This was one sort of art experience where I saw different people and even kids were smiling and waiting for it to happen again.

The experience was something that I really enjoyed. Bit sad, that I could not meet the prolific creator of this world, but would love to thank him for creating that world. 🙂

Lalbaug Parel

Can’t believe I had nearly missed this beautiful film. I saw it a week ago and still the characters, the mood, the drama; everything is fresh in my mind. I am still thinking on it. Isn’t this the very success any filmmaker would aspire for, that his audiences keep the film in mind for a long period? The movie left me restless; I remember I could not remove from my mind any of those characters, their trauma, those perfect scenes. It seems all artists have really worked hard to make this film, and yes the film is certainly a creation one should not miss. The script is perfect, it has a strong structure in the way the movie progresses.

Film is a powerful medium of communication and this one has made 100% utilization of it. Though the film has a commercial aspect it also gives a message. Based on a true story, this film touched me deeply.

Nothing in the film is out of place, even the characters are shown just for the time frame they should be on screen, none of the characters dominate the movie, you remember every character regardless of the time they show up on screen. Sometimes you like an actor from a film, or a script of some film, but here I liked everything about the film. Just didnt like Siddharth Jadhav’s hairstyle in the last scene of the movie 🙂 (doesnt seem real) otherwise everything else was so real that I found myself comepletly involved in what was happening in the film.

Watching a creation by artists who have put in the best efforts is really a pleasant feeling. I enjyoed that while watching Lalbaug Parel 🙂