Art, Artists and Art Lovers

Look at my latest photograph, isn’t that a beauty?

She squinted at the laptop. Sure enough! It reflected his love for nature, but the more she stared the more she could feel his command over his new digital camera and the photo editing tools. She couldn’t stop wondering how many filters he had applied to reach this.

“What were you thinking when you clicked this?” she blurted out.

“What do you mean what was I thinking, don’t you like it! I have got tons of likes on FB for this ma!”

“Yeah, but what was the thought behind it? There has to be something, What is it?”

He frowned. It’s weird to be a son of an artist he thought. Why can’t she just appreciate something that looks so good. Like at the time when I was in college. She appreciated my tiniest creation. Why not now.

Staring at his empty face for a while, she started thinking about the days, when after coming back from an ‘outdoor’ he would show her his sketches, those lines, wherein she could connect to his feeling about the landscape. Those compositions which he described in a flair, with such detail. The connection almost seemed to disappear now, and the sound discussions on art were long buried under the growing pile of hollow comments. The overall idea of having fun in creating a piece of art seemed to surrender under the pressure of gaining ever mounting likes in the virtual world.

Her thoughts melted with the sound – ding.
And, he had already started replying to the new comment he received.


The Descendants

The Descendants Poster

After watching the film what remained in my mind was the well performing actors on a backdrop of the exotic Hawaiian setting, with the soothing music from Hawaii ringing in my ears. Deep emotions colliding with hysterical laughs, you travel smoothly though a plot which unfolds very smartly.

Matt – In his forties gets several serious shocks. The first comes with news that his wife had an accident and is in coma. As he is wishing for her getting well soon and trying to cope up with his responsibility of his younger daughter Scottie – a foul mouthed girl of ten; he gets another shock that his wife’s situation is not good at all and as per her will they will have to switch her off the support system. Now, he will have to deliver this news to their close relations. He then meets his elder daughter – Alex – a heavy drinker at her hostel and asks her join them. Its Alex who delivers the next shock to her dad, that her mum was actually cheating on him. Soon, he gets another shock that a couple who are friends with him and his wife know about this already. Along with all of this Matt who is a descendant of a dynasty and the trustee of his family, is negotiating the sale of a huge virgin land that will make him and his cousins all millionaires. This may also put their family heritage into hands of business men which means betraying his family. As he embarks on the journey of finding the man his wife cheated him for, along with bonding with his daughters, he is faced with another shock that it is this man who will also be benefitted by his sale of the family land.

Seems very much like a emotional drama; but the script is so powerful you get instantly involved in the film. George Clooney’s character – Matt – lands in serious awkward moments, which have been portrayed beautifully by him in tight framed close-up shots.

The use of Hawaii as the setting for the film has given way to the beautiful Hawaiian music and sceneries which in turn add the exoticness to the film – which otherwise would have felt quite drab if the setting of the film was in some ordinary city.

Ship of Theseus


Ship of Theseus was a movie which left me thinking even days after I left the movie hall. The very first thought that came to my mind was; is everything only material; me and the other people; the table, the stone. All this is same isn’t it. All matter. Is there something that is we can say is ours? The decision’s that we make, are they at least completely our own. It kind of shook me completely stressing the fact that the more we think we know life, the more we move away from the answer.

All the three characters are sort of trying to gain something – Aaliya trying to be a complete artist in the medium of photography has overcome the fact that she cannot see by still clicking pictures. But when she gets a cornea transplant and she can see, she can’t be the artist she wants to be. Maitreya – the monk – who should not be having any desires, is fighting a case. However moral it is; he does have the desire to fight the case; due to which he wakes up early in the morning and walks all the long way to the court. He has his values he wants to stick to; he sticks to them even to the point of giving up his life, but cannot give it up. The third character is Naveen, who also has his own values about living life; as opposed to what others have. Some people mock him for his way of living but, he is adamant with it. Now, comes a point in his life when his quest of happiness starts. He goes to a distant country to search for the person who might be possessing the kidney of a fellow patient, whom Naveen isn’t even related to. The irony – all three of them sort of fail in their quests of finding the perfect happiness. And maybe that is life, it shocks you at the most uncertain point.

At the climax, all three stories/characters are related by one thread – they now possess parts of a completely different person; a person whom they haven’t even seen. Has this changed them? It was at this point the theme of the film – Ship of Theseus – was unveiled.

I feel this was a movie that presented discussions on a completely different subject. The ideas that society discusses as highly philosophical and with a sense of pride are expressed in a very natural way in the movie. There was a time when I considered that these ideas are shared through art like books, music and painting etc. But here is an example where in a media like film which comprises of all mediums of art; we have a movie which talks about such a different and complex topic. I would like to welcome this change and hope to watch more variety in movies we see.

A day without the sun

Yesterday was the Arbhaat short film clubs screening; and this was one of the short films screened.

It’s just another day in the life of an unnamed man, wherein the director takes us through the city via the eyes of this lonely man. It is filled with bitter sweet events that play with the perfect bitter sweet music!

The movie is made in 1859 in Poland and still it completely relates to us even today. There could be so much to write about this movie, from its subject to the technical beauties of it; but I would just suffice to say that, man’s search for happiness is such an omnipresent and dark theme. The word city brings a visual full of colour and jazz, with a detailed outline of the golden weaves; though the bitter truth is that people are becoming more and more hungry for happiness; and we just seem to be missing out this stain from our dreams of the Big City!!


Elephant_movie_posterThe film starts with fluid camera movements and long shots of high school students walking. We as audience are just following the students and encountering the moments as they go about in their daily life. This continued to the point that I thought, what a waste, the movie just looks good from posters! But then, the film raises curiosity as to why the director chose to do so. It continued on to show the same scene of this student walking through his high school building from 4-5 different students’ perspectives. All have the same fluid video treatment, which I just loved. Slowly through these repetitive scenes we start getting to know the characters of these students, their problems, their interests etc.

And then there are these two students who shoot and kill almost all students in the building. This part comes as a shock, just as it was for those students, and when I read about the film I realised it was based on a real incident. There was a kind of rhythm the director had build up in the movie and he destroys it at the end with that shock of massive killing. I definitely enjoyed the experience.

In the last scene, one of the killers is sitting in the cafeteria amongst the dead bodies of students and feeling the peace as opposed to what we have seen in the earlier scenes that the cafeteria is packed with students, and there are loud voices all around. Then, when the killers partners comes in enthusiastically and breaks the silence by proudly expressing his feelings, the first killer shoots him with horrific calm and sets down again to enjoy the peace! The peace he had earned!!